Policy Platform

Protecting Our Civil Rights

In 1988, Joe Biden voted for the Civil Liberties Act and as Vice President, he supported efforts to promote education about Japanese American imprisonment during WWII to ensure our community and others never experience civil rights violations again.

Strengthening Our Right to Vote

Joe Biden will strengthen the right to vote by challenging discriminatory voting laws, increasing the number of polling locations, and supporting crucial institutions like the USPS which make voting more accessible for all.

Promoting Racial and Social Justice

Japanese Americans know the challenge of fighting racial injustice and speak out against the human cost of systemic racism. Black Lives Matter to Joe Biden. Joe Biden will listen to and support our communities as we seek racial justice.

Investing In Our Future by Supporting Teachers & Students

Joe Biden will prioritize the safety of students and teachers throughout the duration of the pandemic and will appoint a Secretary of Education who will pursue important initiatives that increase access to education for all.

Taking Care of Our Elders

Joe Biden will honor and provide for our elders by maintaining Social Security and will give informal family caregivers the resources necessary to provide their families with the best possible care.

Securing Our Values as a Nation of Immigrants

Joe Biden will recognize America as a nation of immigrants, embracing residents of all ancestries and beliefs by protecting our heritage.

Combatting Hate Crimes 

The President leads the nation and as President, Joe Biden will condemn the dangerous rhetoric and behavior contributing to the drastic increase in hate crimes over the last four years.

Preserving Our Environment & National Parks

Joe Biden will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and invest in green energy to ensure our planet and our national parks can thrive again.

Providing Affordable Healthcare

Joe Biden will combat the inequities in our current healthcare systems, exacerbated by COVID-19, by expanding the Affordable Care Act, supporting community health centers and staff, and increasing access to mental health and reproductive health care services.

Elevating AAPI Voices and Increasing  Representation

Leaders like Secretary Norm Mineta and Secretary Eric Shinseki paved the way for representation in government, and Joe Biden’s team will reflect his focus on and value of diversity.

Honoring Those Who Serve

As Commander in Chief, Joe Biden will honor the soldiers who dedicate their lives to our country. With a long-rooted history of military service, starting with World War II, we will not stand for their legacy to be tarnished.